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New Collection

A hundred years of intriguing photos

A compilation from over fifty donors, 4000 fresh images has been added to Fortepan. Nothing less than a grandiose summer puzzle: family albums and frames from negative rolls: familiar venues, scenes and situations. Concerning the “who-where-what-when” and other questions, we are eager to hear the answers in the Forum group. But there is no need to provide dates and venues in order to peep, to browse or to remember. We wish a great vacation to all out time travellers!

Fortepan is a copyright-free and community-based photo archive with over 100,000 photographs available for anyone to browse and download in high-resolution, free of charge.

This website was launched in 2010 and it initially contained photographs found randomly in the streets of Budapest. The archive has expanded since then through donations from families, amateur and professional photographers, along with public collections. The images on the website are selected by editors.

The descriptions attached to the images are compiled and edited by volunteers, utilizing information contributed at the Fortepan Forum. We gladly offer to process your photographs and negatives as well, you can contact us at

Weekly Fortepan blog

In this blog, updated weekly in Hungarian and fortnightly in English, we explore the background stories of the Fortepan photos and donors in richly illustrated articles. All our posts can be republished under a CC licence.

Previous uploads

Every month or two, we update our site with around 2-3000 images, often mixing family photos of many donors, but sometimes a photo documentation of an author or a company is added to the archive.

  • Photos of Károly Lipovits

    Apr 21, 2023

    Photos of Károly Lipovits

    The life of a college student, and that of a small town school in Western Hungary, in the 1950s and 60s, through the lens of Károly Lipovits, PE teacher. 1200 photos of children and youngsters, from the decades of socialism.

  • 40 years - 4000 images

    Mar 17, 2023

    40 years - 4000 images

    The decades of Communist Hungary, through the lens of non-professional photographers and of families, images of photojournalists, industrial photographers, photos of a film director, of a Communist-era mayor and of a writer.

  • 50 Donors, 5000 New Images on Fortepan

    Dec 7, 2022

    50 Donors, 5000 New Images on Fortepan

    What was we happened to see of the past in 2022? Paramount photos of families, photographers, collectors, selected by the Fortepan team. A century, glanced from a hundred points of view, on 5000 photos “hitherto never seen”

  • Photos of József Horváth cameraman, reporter

    Oct 16, 2022

    Photos of József Horváth cameraman, reporter

    1300 photographs from the legacy of a filmmaker. Hungary in the middle of the grim, fateful 20th century, through the camera of a correspondent with a personal touch. Shifting borders, the defeat of the Hungarian army at the river Don, and the family stories of József Horváth in black and white and colour.



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