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Have a look at the 60s and the 70s through the cameras of Budapest Municipal Photography Company (FŐFOTÓ). Out of a legacy of more than 200 000 negatives, we have selected about 5000 frames. In this first instalment there are street photos, building- and street views, images of hotels, espresso bars, and workplace interiors. Also, we have included several hundred outdoor movie ads, uniquely produced to fit the sites, fences, tram stops, or notice boards. Also, this special collection abounds in advertising and fashion photos – often survived on color negatives. If you are interested in the design history of the period, you mustn’t miss all this.
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Fortepan is a copyright-free and community-based photo archive with over 100,000 photographs available for anyone to browse and download in high-resolution, free of charge.

This website was launched in 2010 and it initially contained photographs found randomly in the streets of Budapest. The archive has expanded since then through donations from families, amateur and professional photographers, along with public collections. The images on the website are selected by editors.

The descriptions attached to the images are compiled and edited by volunteers, utilizing information contributed at the Fortepan Forum. We gladly offer to process your photographs and negatives as well, you can contact us at



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